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Bed bug pest control have more way common in the United States than they were a few years ago. The most common reason they grow and reproduce in your bed is not regularly cleaning your room and the beds. If you do not change the bedsheets two times a week, then they can make your bed home for their selves and can start to live in there. If you want to be safe from them, it would be best to clean your room regularly.

If you have a couple of bed bugs and see them now and then, it is essential to take early action. A few bed bugs can become a complete colony of 10000 in just a few months, and then you will have to get rid of your mattress and must get a complete bed bug pest control in Atlanta, GA. If you have more than a few bed bugs and are trying to find a bed bug pest control service, look no more. Elite pests Control is here to help you out with your pest problem.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bug Bite Pest Control in Atlanta GA

Bed bugs’ bite can hurt a lot. Moreover, if not treated, then you can get infections from them as well. The bite of a bed bug can take 14 days to become feasible with the human eye. So, if you see bite marks, then there are more bites than marks. They are not just visible yet. There is no way to stop the bed bugs from biting. The only feasible solution is to get rid of them completely. Suppose you want pest control treatment for your home; type bed bug control near me online. You will find Elite Pest Control at the very top of the page because we are the best pest control company in town. We have tens of professionally trained employees to eliminate every type of pest in the minimum time frame and in the best way. Get in touch with us if you do not want to be bitten anymore. We will be more than happy to provide bed bug control assistant to you.

Bed Bug Pest Control Removal

The most common of them that most people use by themselves is the use of pest control powder. This solution is only feasible when the pests are on the ground to put the powder freely. You will never be comfortable with putting a bug killer on your bed, where you sleep.

The other way is to use a bed bug killer spray. These sprays use strong chemicals that can get into your bed, and the smell of the chemical will not leave the best for months. Moreover, the gasses of the spray are very harmful to the human body as well.

Another way is to use the kiltronx bed bug control set. These types of products are used to kill all the bed bugs by homeowners. They can reduce the number of bed bugs but never exterminate them because these chemicals are not strong enough. You will keep spending money on the product, but the bugs will return when you stop using it, which is not good for you.

Do you want to get rid of the bugs for one and all? Consider hiring professionals from Elite Pest Control. Our employees are specially trained to provide you with the best pest control bed bugs treatment in Atlanta. They are experts in their field and can do the job in just minutes, taking you an hour to perform correctly.

Pest Control Bed Bugs Treatment

The treatment most used by pest control companies is a powerful bed bug pest control spray. They close all the ventilation of the room and then fill it with many sprays. Then close it for a few days. In few days, all the bed bugs die, but their bodies remain in the bed, which can cause your bed to sting and may give you some infections.

bed bug treatment

Our Procedure

As explained above, other companies’ procedures are not as reasonable as ours. They do this to save costs and to make the process easy. However, our procedure is very effective and safe at the same time.

The procedure is explained below:

  • Cleaning The Mattress
  • Removing Bugs
  • Removing Eggs
  • Removing Feces
  • After Work

Cleaning The Mattress

Keeping the environment clean is the key to getting rid of the bugs. First of all, we clean the mattress and the surroundings of the bed as well. We make sure that there is nothing that could be feeding the bed bugs. Then we clean the bugs which we find anywhere else in the room.

Removing Bugs

After cleaning the surroundings, we take the mattress outside. We spread a big sheet on the ground and dusted the mattress a lot. In this way, any loose bug will fall off the mattress. After the dusting, we spray the mattresses with a chemical that forces them to get out of the mattress.

The spray suffocates the bugs a bit, so they come out to breathe fresh air. When the bugs come out. We spray them with bug spray to kill them.

Removing Eggs

Bed bugs lay many eggs. Moreover, they lay them daily on the mattress. If we only remove the hatched bugs and finish the process. Then in a few days, the unhatched eggs will hatch, and the bug problem will start again. So, we make sure to remove all of the eggs with our professional cleaning tools. The whole process takes a lot of effort and time. However, in this manner, every last of the bugs and their eggs leave the mattress.

Removing Feces

The mattress is like a home to the bugs. So, they live there, eat there and poop there as well. We have removed the bugs till now, and now it is our turn to remove the bugs’ feces. To do that, we have professional vacuum cleaners and washing tools, which can clean every single corner of the mattress with extreme care. In this way, you will not get any rashes from sleeping over a dirty mattress.

After Work

After the mattress has been cleaned, we recommend our client leave the mattress in the sun for one day—bed bugs like dark and warm places. So, the extreme heat and the sun’s sunlight will prevent any living bugs from entering the mattress again.

After we turn to the room and find any bed bugs on the floor or around the bed, we clean the area with our vacuum cleaners and remove every sign of the bed bugs.


Our service makes sure that the bugs are eradicated using our high-tech procedures. We ensure that the feces and the eggs are removed entirely, so the problem does not come back soon. We clean the mattress very well to have a restful sleep, so you don’t have to sleep with the smell of chemicals.

So, if you want this professional and extreme bed bug removal service, you are more than welcome to give us a call at (470) 283-9972 to get our service. We have highly professional and trained employees. It would be best if you give us a call. We will take care of your mattress and remove every bug from it.

Bed Bug Removal Cost

The bed bug pest control prices depend from company to company. If a company uses cheap methods to deliver the service, they will be cheaper, but their service will not be as good as ours. If a company uses premium methods to deliver the service, the service will be good, and the bed bug problem will be solved. So, make sure to hire a professional and good quality company. Don’t go for the cheaper options. Right now, Elite Pest Control is providing the best bed bug removal cost in Atlanta, GA. Moreover, with budget-friendly prices, we are delivering top-notch services as well.

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