Best Carpenter Ant Treatment

Carpenter ant treatment is one of the most annoying problems many residential, commercial, and industrial property owners face. They are known worldwide for their destructive behavior. It is hard to believe, but the pest consumes wood and cellulose extremely fast and causes a common problem for property owners. If you have big black ants in the house or other pest infestation, there is a high chance that they will damage wooden floors. 


Ants and termites damage not only wood but also filtration systems, papers, books, walls, tiles, finished swimming pool liners, and more. If you have a beautiful patio deck decorated with flowers and plants, then this pest infestation will also be harmful because they harm living trees and plantations by making a nest in them. They can enter your houses or buildings at any time to ruin everything so, if you are facing this problem in your home, call Elite Pest Control Professional techs. We have super-fast and long-lasting best carpenter ant treatment to save your wooden decks and floors.

How to Find Carpenter Ant Nest?

It is challenging for both professionals and homeowners to find nests of any kind of insect, especially carpenter ants. It takes some time or effort to get the exact location of these nests. Now the question is how to locate them. Let’s jump into it. Usually, two types of carpenter ants are found in homes, red and black. Red small ants are more Passionist than big black ants. They both build two main nests, one for the queen ant and one for worker ants that collect food. Mostly they lived near the most moisturized places. 



For example, near the bathtubs, wall voids behind dishwashers, sinks, wooden decks, and dead or living trees. If you ever noticed that these ants often access their nests via baseboards, door casings, electrical outlets, or cracks in the wall. These are the indoor areas where you find them. But if they come from outside of a house, you will often find them in tree stumps and wood with lots of moisture damage. Don’t worry if your place is a victim of insect infestation and you have no idea what to do and how to find them, call us at (470) 283-9972. Our professionals are ready 24 hours to provide carpenter ant extermination service.

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Ants and termites are active late at night. Don’t use removal spray immediately after seeing them if you want to get rid of ant infestation. If you do so, you will never find their nests. The best solution is that put a small number of sweets like honey or jelly. Observe where ants go with food. Because ants follow the scented trails to travel back and forth between food or nest. You can follow the trail to find the exact location. But it is not as simple as it looks. It is challenging to find the nests of any .



It would be highly beneficial for you to hire experienced experts to do the job. We assure you that the Elite Pest Control center is one of the most suitable choices for homeowners who want to get rid of carpenter ants. We use top-quality carpenter ant insecticide for removal. We have more than 20 years of experience in this business, and our experts know how to do a task professionally. Call us, and we will make your land free from any type of insects.

Best Solution to Prevent Flying Carpenter Nest

Many people use boric acid to prevent flying carpenter nests. They put it to the place where the ants come from. Here we would like to mention a few other methods and products that professionals use. All the following products that we are going to discuss are available in the form of sprays, dust, gels (Bait), and granules:

Our Procedure

A few methods that we use to remove ants from their houses.


  • Bait Stations (liquid or gel)
  • Granules
  • Sprays
  • Carpenter Ant Dust


Bait Stations (liquid or gel)

In this method, we use a top-quality gel or liquid-based formula for ant removal. This application takes two to three days to kill the carpenter ants. Bait Statins are enclosed plastic receptacles with small holes that allow ants to enter. They collect gel bait and then leave. This gel helps to remove them from the root.



It is the fast carpenter ant treatment solution to get rid of ants. It is a grain-like formula that is sprinkled on the ground.

It dissolves and leaves a residue that kills ants on contact. It creates a long-lasting barrier on soil that prevents the insect from entering your home.



If you want to kill ants directly, use carpenter ant pest control or spray. It consists of a thin and sticky liquid layer that helps us to prevent insects. You can use it on cracks and crevices where ants enter the home.


Carpenter Ant Dust

A dust killer is used on earthy surfaces like your garden’s ground, a patio deck decorated with plants, or more. This substance is toxic to ants. The dust penetrates insects and makes them dehydrated from the inside out.

How to Destroy Termites and Ants?

Termites are one of the most dangerous things for your house or even for your industry or official building. If you own a house with wooden flooring, a wooden patio door, or windows, then termites will be going to trouble you more. 


Once it grows up at your place, it is critical to get rid of it. They eat everything that comes their way, such as paper, books, swimming pool liners, and more. It is highly recommended to get termite and carpenter ant treatment before or after laying the foundations when contracting houses and buildings. Elite Pest Control establishes the most efficient network of termite and carpenter ant control services in this city.

Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer

We have trained workers who use certified medicines or carpenter ant pesticides to protect your home and buildings. Don’t waste your time by applying home remedies and other unprofessional solutions. It needs a professional workforce and knowledge to eradicate the ants and termite infestation from the roots. 


Our company’s pro workers have experience treating a diverse range of houses, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and high-rise buildings that carpenter ants or termites infected. A factor that makes us unique is that we focus on locality, surroundings, and environmental constraints to eliminate the source of insects.

Professional Carpenter Ant Treatment

Many people prefer to apply domestic remedies instead of professional services to save a small amount of money. They never get rid of any insect infestation from the root by doing this. Domestic solutions will give you a few days of relief from ants or termites. It will also cost you more because you will have to buy formula treatments repeatedly.


It will waste both your money and time. On the other side, if you hire trained experts for responsive, hassle-free, and speedy service, it will give you long-lasting results.

Carpenter Ant Exterminator Near Me

For effective pest control services in this city, we suggest choosing us as your trusted partner. Because we understand that pest infestation is not a seasonal problem, it can pose a threat to your premises at any time of the year. Due to humidity or severe moisture damage, surfaces or areas are more prone to have this problem. 


that is why we recommend our clients take advantage of our knowledge base and utilize an effective pest management plan to prevent damage to their property caused by insects. We offer a safe and cost-effective solution to each client, whether he is a home or a building owner. Ring us a bell right now to grab our effective services.