Best Commercial Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

Pests have become a big problem nowadays. Almost everyone has some pest infestation in their house. That is because of two main reasons. The first one is the increasing population of pests. The humidity in the environment and the overall temperature of the earth are increasing because of global warming. It makes the insects more prone to reproduce. The other reason is the neglecting behavior of the residents. 

If everyone keeps the environment clean and keeps the trash in the dustbin. There will be nothing out for the pests to feed on, and they will be forced to leave the area. It is a solution that can be used for some pests, but it does not work for all. If you do not feed the raccoons and the possums, they will stop coming to your house. 

However, if you have a bed bug infestation, you can do nothing to leave them because they feed on human blood. The pests are of different types. So, different preventive measures need to be taken to keep every pest out of your place. The types of pests and listed and explained below.

Commercial Pest Control in Atlanta

Types of Commercial Pests in Atlanta, GA

There are majorly two types of pests. Many insects and animals are to be known as a pest, but they fall in different categories. The types are here:

  • Rodents
  • Insects
  • Birds


These pests include small and filthy animals like mice, rats, possums, raccoons, and more. They usually invade your office for only two things: shelter and food. If you keep your dumpsters clean and do not leave any food for them, then they will not come into your home or office to find any food. If there is an opening in your office, like a hole leading to the attic, then they can come into your home or office to find shelter. To prevent this from happening, you must close all the entering that these rodents can enter.


They are the most difficult to remove. Insects include ants, wasps, and bees, or more. They come into your office only to find shelter and sometimes food as well. To remove them from your place, you will have to cut off the supply of their food. You cannot take their shelter like ants live underground or build their own homes in the building’s foundation or walls. So, you will have to hire an exterminator to remove them. Wasps and bees are, on the other hand, are a different story. 

They only come to take shelter. If you want to remove them, you will have to remove their hive from its place, and they will leave, but the process is hazardous, and you can get stung by them hundreds of times. The other part is that if you have a beehive of an endangered species, you must hire an exterminator or call wildlife experts to remove them safely.


Birds also build their nests in your place to find shelter. They usually do not build their nest on the inside of your place. Most probably, it is on the porch or the outside of a window. Only two types of birds are considered pests, wild pigeons and wild doves. Both can be removed easily, but it is most suitable to hire professionals t do the job for you. Because if you do it by yourself, you can break their eggs, and no one wants it.

Commercial Exterminators

Many companies provide commercial extermination services, but the thing is that not all of them provide the extermination service for every pest. Some are experts in removing rodents, some in insects, and some are experts in removing birds. Nevertheless, Elite Pest Control provides all these services. We have professional and trained experts who make sure to deliver the best service to our clients. We always use humane and environmentally friendly techniques to remove the pests from your property.

If you have any unwanted pests in your place, then get in touch with us immediately. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Commercial Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are a significant threat to our society nowadays. Do you know that mosquitos cause more death than any other thing in the whole world per year? They can do it by spreading diseases like malaria and dengue. It is a prevalent disease and has a very high death rate. It will be best if you keep yourself safe from them. You can take some preventive measures to prevent this from happening, like draining any open water reservoir. Keeping the doors of the office closed and using electric insect killers.

Commercial Fly Control

Flies are also a big problem nowadays. It can affect the reputation of your office negatively if you have many flies in your home. To remove all of them, you must hire commercial pest control services. In this way, they will remove the problem from its roots and not kill the ones you see.

Greenhouse Pest in Atlanta

Greenhouse Commercial Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

Greenhouses are just a closed and carefully monitored space in which plats and vegetation are grown. If you get any pest infestation in the house, it causes the whole field to get infected and ruin the yield. Some common greenhouse pests are:

  • Aphids
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Whiteflies
  • Caterpillars
  • Mites
  • Snails

These are some of the most common greenhouse pests. No greenhouse can get infected will all of them at the same time. Because if it happens, then removing them without destroying the crops can be a big problem. You cannot do anything by yourself to remove them. You must hire professionals because they have medicines that will eliminate all f the pests without harming the crops.

Greenhouse Environmental Pest Control

To prevent the infestation from happening in the first place, you can take some preventive measures, like installing a pest killer spray that automatically sprays an environment-friendly spray on the plants after some intervals. It will make sure that no pests grow on the plants in the first place. The other thing is to grow your plants over sterile soil. 

You can do this by laying a plastic sheet on the ground then put your soil over it. It will make sure that no pest can penetrate itself in the greenhouse from the ground.

Commercial Pest Management

On a commercial scale, removing any pest infestation can be a tough job. Nevertheless, a good company can handle every problem with ease if they have the desired expertise. Our company provides commercial pest control in Atlanta as well. If your hotel has a roach infestation or a rat infestation, we can remove all the pests in the minimum time frame. In this way, you can save your restaurant’s reputation and the quality of the food will be improved as well. 

If a single rat is found in a restaurant, then according to FDA, it must be shut down, and a complete checkup of the place should be done to find any other rats. So, hurry up and hire a professional company immediately to remove all the rats from your restaurant.

Commercial Pest Control Companies

There are many companies in town which could be providing commercial pest control in Atlanta, GA. If you have a pest infestation problem, you can go online and type commercial pest control near me. You will find many companies there, but our company will be on the top because of our expertise and good customer service. You can call us from there, explain your problem and we will be at your place in no time to perform an inspection.

Cost of Commercial Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

If you have a significant pest problem and hire a professional pest control company, then most probably, the service bill will be huge. The prices of the service depend on two things.

  • The severity of the infestation.
  • The time it takes to solve the problem.

If you have many pests in your place, the bill will be high because it takes more effort and pesticides to remove more insects. That is why the bill will be more significant.

If it takes more time to remove all the insects, the bill will be high because the labor spends more time on your problem, and more medicines are used to solve it.

If you want reliable and budget-friendly service, then you can get in touch with Elite Pest Control. We provide the best services at the best prices because we do not burden our client’s pockets.