Bird Removal Service in Atlanta, GA

Birds can be beneficial, neutral, or harmful for human beings, but they are beneficial for the environment. The problem starts when they start invading and polluting our homes.


Not all birds can be categorized as pests because you will not see most of them in human-populated areas. There are only three birds that can be considered pests in typical residential areas.

  • Sparrows
  • Pigeons
  • Crows
Bird Removal


They are small birds found in tropical and humid environments. Their population is decreasing day by day because of industrialization in some areas. However, in some other areas, their population is increasing day by day. So, they have become pests.


In the nineteenth century, they were eaten as a delicacy, but their population increased after industrialization because of the abundance of food. This creature can cause many diseases that are the reason people stopped eating them.


Crows do not cause many problems in the environment because they do not make any nests in houses. They make their nest on the top branches of tall trees to keep them safe from predators. The reason because of the hatred is their sound. They make terrible noises in the morning, which is why people want them out of their area.

Sometimes these birds can make their way into your home and can build a nest in it. They only need shelter from you because they find their food by themselves. If you do not want any bird to build a nest in your home, then the best thing you can do is place the bird-repellent gel in the surrounding. The gel has a particular smell, texture, and taste. Birds don’t like to taste it or come near it. So, if you place that gel in your home, then most probably, your bird problem will be solved.

Nevertheless, most of the houses don’t have it, and they get infested. So, if you want to bird removal from your home, you can get in touch with Elite Pest Control. We have professional and trained experts who can remove the birds from your home most professionally and humanely possible. So, get in touch with us immediately. We will be more than happy to help you.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds don’t make nests all around the year. They only make it when they are about to lay eggs. When the nest is made, they take care of their chicks, and when they grow and become adults, the nest is left empty. After that, another bird can use the same nest after making some renovations.


If you have a bird’s nest in your home, then the first thing you want to do is to check if the nest is being used or not. If you see any eggs or chicks in it, then the best thing to do is to leave it there until the bird leaves them by themselves. After that, you can remove it. If you still don’t want the nest in your home, always call the best bird control services to care for the object. If you try to do it yourself, you can break the eggs or drop the chicks. Our experts don’t destroy the nest. We only relocate it, because it is the best thing to do.

Pigeon Removal

Pigeon Control Services

Pigeons are some of the most hated pests in town. It is because they leave their droppings everywhere and make the house smell as well. You should always call professionals to control pigeons because wild ones can spread many diseases. If you are not careful enough while removing them, they can put a scratch on your hand, you can mistakenly touch their droppings, and this can cause you to get a disease or a tapeworm infection.


Our professionals use professional tools and methods to remove pests. The best thing about our removal is that we know they also feel pain. So, we don’t kill them. We only capture them and release them in some other place. We also perform some preventive measures to stop any future infestations from happening. We provide the best pigeon control services in town.

Pigeon Nest Removal

Pigeons are not very good at making a nest. Their nests are fragile and can fall apart if anything touches them. Even some times they break the nest by themselves mistakenly. If you find a nest in the window of your home or the door entrance, then you can inspect it if it has eggs in it or not. Most of the time, the best thing is to leave the nets in their place until the birds grow and fly away.


It is because pigeons remember places very well. So, if you try to relocate the nest or destroy it, it will not move to a new location. They will build a new nest there, and you will find a new nest there every time you remove one. If you want to relocate a nest, then call a professional for help. We will capture the birds and will relocate the birds with the nest as well. In this way, the birds will know that it is their nest, and it will cause no harm to them.

Pigeon Guano Removal

Pigeon guano is a term used for pigeon droppings or poop. The droppings of a pigeon or any other pest bird are way more dangerous than any other animal. It is because they are wild and can contain many infections and diseases. The poop is called guano when it builds up and dries. The dried poop can turn into dust and carry hundreds of different infections and diseases in this form. The dust can then get inhaled by you or any of your pets and make them very sick.


It is not an intelligent disease to remove the poop of a wild bird by yourself. Our employees take extreme precautions while handling it. Other than disease, there are some other problems that pigeon guano can cause, like making your whole house smell bad. Our professional employees make sure to remove every bit of the droppings and then spray the place with a disinfectant so it will not cause any problems in the future. We provide the best bird-dropping removal service in town.

In Roof Bird Removal Near Me

Most of the time, birds make their nest in trees, if not trees, then they make it in small nooks and crannies of buildings and houses. It is scarce to find a bird nest on the roof of a house where space is open. If you find one on your roof, then don’t remove it by yourself. It is because you are not an expert and can damage the house’s roof or the nest.


Our experts use ladders and other professional tools to remove the bird’s nest from the roof of a house from the chimney. We make sure to keep the bird, nest, eggs, and roof safe and undamaged. We provide the best bird catcher near me services.

Bird Trapping

Sometimes the birds do not want to leave your home, and they keep coming back if you remove them. So, the best thing to do in this case is to trap them and relocate them. An average person cannot do this by himself. It is because it requires special tools, traps, and skills. Pigeons do not live alone; they live in big flocks. So, if you want to relocate them, then you will have to relocate the whole flock. To do this, we use big cages with bait in them.


So, when one pigeon finds out about the food, it invites others as well. When the trap gets filled, we replace it with a new one. We do this until all the birds have been trapped after trapping them. We take them to a remote location and free them. In this way, they will not be able to fly back to your area.

Dead Bird Removal Services

As we have explained earlier that wild birds can carry many diseases. These diseases cause many birds to die daily. If you have a bird infestation in your home, then there is a high chance that you will have some dead birds near the nest as well. Most of the time, birds die in their nests. It is because they do not die immediately. They get weaker and weaker unless they are not able to fly and eat food. So, at last, they die of starvation in their nest.


Handling them by yourself can cause you to get those diseases as well. So, always make sure to hire professionals to handle them. We will remove the dead bird, and the nest and will sterilize the areas well so that no disease is left. If you want to find us online, you can type bird pest control near me or bird nest removal near me. You will find us on the very top page. You can call us at (470) 283-9972 from there. We will be more than happy to help you out.