Wildlife Removal Service in My Area

Wildlife means any animal which is not tame or can harm humans or human belongings. In cities, wildlife is referred to as rodents like possums, raccoons, rats, squirrels, wild pigeons, and more. In recent years the damage done by animals has increased a lot. Animals like raccoons and possums find an entry point in the house, go into the attic, and destroy the insulation and wires. The worst part is that all this damage is hidden, and you will not see it. It is only found when the damage has been done, and a repair is needed for it. There is no way of telling if a house is infested with any rodent without looking for signs.


If your place is also facing the same issues, then get in touch with us immediately. Elite Pest Control has professional and trained experts in removing wildlife from homes and commercial places most effectively and humanely possible. You can find us online by typing wildlife removal service near me and loom for us there. You can call us at (470) 283-9972 directly or find the route to our shop. We will be more than happy to help you.

Wildlife Removal Service

Atlanta Wildlife Removal Specialist

Wildlife removal specialists who have been trained to handle every kind of wild animal found in cities. They know how to find these animals and how to force them out of your house as well. The most common rodent in the cities nowadays is a standard mouse. However, it is the most dangerous one as well. They can spread thousands of diseases while doing their everyday business. Call a professional immediately if you find any mouse or rat in your home because you would not want to deal with that filthy animal yourself.


The worst part is that if you kill them, then they are more likely to spread diseases. So, a proper setup is needed to capture them alive and then kill them. You can also set up mouse traps by yourself, but they are not very effective, and the mouse is smart enough to avoid any traps. You will need professional traps to get them into it. We provide the best wildlife control services in the whole city.

Wildlife Removal Company Near Atlanta, GA

Many companies in town provide wildlife removal in Atlanta, but not all of them are professional or provide the complete package. Some companies only deal with tiny pests like ants, rats, and bedbugs, and some of them only deal with significant pests like raccoons and possums. Nevertheless, Elite Pest Control provides a complete package by offering all the service which comes under the shadow of pest control.


We have professional and highly trained employees., They are trained to get the animals out of your house as soon as possible. We make sure to block any entry and exit points which the animals could use to enter the house. We also make sure that you will not have to face such a problem in the future by taking preventive measures. We use environment-friendly and humane methods to remove pests from your property. We do not use any chemicals which can harm the environment. We also make sure not to harm any endangered species. Many different pests that our company remove from Atlanta:


Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are also a widespread pest in houses. They can spread many diseases by contaminating your food. If you want to get rid of them, then you can buy special roach-killing powders. They are very effective, and you will get rid of all the roaches in just 2 to 3 weeks, but the issue with those powders is that you will need to clean them, and they can make a mess if the air is blown over them. 


If you have children in your house, then this option is not for you. There is another solution which is a cream that comes in a tube. You can use this cream in different places, and the result is good with it as well. Nevertheless, the best thing is always to hire professionals to do the job because they can always do it better than you.

Skunk Removal

Skunks are rodents which you will often see roaming in public parks. People hate this animal because of its smell. They spray a very bad smelled fume in its surroundings when it feels a threat. The smell is so bad that even a tiger will leave him alone. If any king gets into your house, then they can leave your house smelling foul, and you will never know that a skunk is living in your attic. If you want to get rid of them, you will first need to close all the entry points to enter your house. Once you have done this, then you will need to set traps and put bait in them. 


They are not very intelligent and will get trapped easily. You will have to handle them carefully because they have very long nails and sharp teeth, which they dig in the ground and defend themselves from predators. They are also essential to remove from your property because they love to dig. They will often dig under the house, which can weaken the foundation and cause the house’s structure to weaken and collapse. It will cost a lot of money to repair such damage, so the best thing is to keep the skunks away.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons may look cute, but they are very aggressive and robust animals. Raccoons are wild animals, but they have diverted their faces towards cities because of the abundance of food. They may look very harmless on your social media platforms, but unfortunately, they can become very aggressive very quickly and cause many problems in real life. These animals come to cities to find shelter in commercial buildings, homes, and especially in attics.



They cause much damage while searching for an entry point to the home. That is still significantly less in comparison to what they are capable of doing once they enter your attic or in any other place of your house. Their feces can carry many dangerous diseases, like roundworms which can cause an infection called Baylis Ascaris. They can also carry contagious diseases. The infection caused by these diseases can cause extreme damage to the nervous system and even lead to the host’s death.

Squirrel Removal Near Me

Squirrels are tiny animals that live in trees by making a hole in them. The squirrels are not that of a big problem like skunks and raccoons, but they still can make you irritated. They like to store the seeds of the trees by burying them in the ground or the space of their choice for the winter. The problem starts when they choose your hose to store those seeds. It is a small animal, so people think they would not store that many seeds, but they cannot be more wrong. 

A single squirrel can store hundreds of pounds of seed in one place as storage. If they live in your attic, then you will continuously hear them going out and coming in. The worst part is that they relieve themselves in the same place where they live, so they can also cause much smell in your home. The feces can also carry many diseases that can affect you, your dog, or your cat. So, the best thing to do is to hire a professional to remove them from your home. Elite Pest Control provides the best squirrel removal services in town. So, get in touch with us immediately. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Which Things Wildlife Removal Service Cost Depends?

The cost of the wildlife removal service depends on two things. Those two things are listed and explained below:

  • The extent of the damage.
  • The amount of animals.

The Extent of The Damage

If you have a single raccoon, but it has been living in your home for a very long time, then there is a very high chance that it would have done much damage. Most of the time, they live in the attic and damage the insulation and wires present there.


 They are big in size and heavy, so the movement inside the vents and attics can cause damage. If their damage is more, it will cost more for the wildlife removal USA. If the damage is minor, then the cost of the repair will be less as well.

The Amount of The Animals

The number of animals also affects the cost of the service directly. If you have a single raccoon living in your attic, then the service cost will be below. However, if you have a family of 5 living there, the cost will be a little higher. 


The charges also depend on per cage. More animals are present there. More cages need to be used. So, the charges will be according to your specific case.